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Tea Time with the Pyschos Branding Session - Ellsworth Block - O & B Photo Co Downtown Chi

Kaitlyn Kenealy stands as an internationally acclaimed, multi-award-winning author, securing not only the prestigious Canadian Book Club Award for her debut work, "Healing is Messy AF," but also garnering an impressive array of six additional accolades in less than two years since its release. Kaitlyn was nominated by the International Association of Top Professionals as, “Top 50 Fearless Leaders” and the publication will be released in a few weeks. Beyond her literary accomplishments, Kaitlyn has been consistently recognized across diverse domains, establishing herself as a leading figure.

As the recipient of esteemed titles such as Top Psychotherapist 2023, Woman of Achievement 2022, and Global Icon 2022, Kaitlyn's journey in the limelight began with her being crowned Young Professional of the Year in 2021. Her trajectory has been marked by noteworthy honors, including Top Personality 2022, a distinguished placement on the Brainz Magazine 500 Global List in 2021, the SHEro Award in 2021, and the esteemed Woman of Vision and Courage from 2012–2013.

Armed with a wealth of knowledge and expertise, Kaitlyn holds the title of Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and possesses degrees in History, Women’s Studies, Gender and Women’s Studies, and Counseling (Community and Mental Health). Specializing in trauma and PTSD, domestic violence, sexual abuse, anxiety, depression, and self-esteem, Kaitlyn approaches her role as a psychotherapist with directness, a solution-focused mindset, and an unwavering passion for dismantling barriers to essential mental health services.

In addition to her thriving private practice, Kaitlyn actively engages with various mental health services and outreach programs. She serves on the Fond du Lac Area’s Women’s Fund board, embodying her commitment to advancing the well-being of individuals and families. Kaitlyn amplifies her advocacy through her podcast, "Teatime with the Psychos," where she fearlessly tackles the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Kaitlyn's influence extends beyond her therapeutic work and podcast. She has been featured in reputable publications such as CIO TODAY, Women’s Quarterly Magazine, Who’s Who in America, Hoinser Magazine, Hoinser Queen Magazine, Heidens Magazine, Passion Vista, and Unified Brainz, consistently contributing to the discourse on mental health and well-being. Kaitlyn has also been nominated by the International Association of Top Professional’s for their publication and award of: Top 50 Fearless Leaders which the publication will be released in April 2024.

With a trailblazing spirit, Kaitlyn Kenealy continues to inspire, impact, and redefine the narrative surrounding mental health on a global scale.

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